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Book : Trends of urbanization and suburbanization in southeast Asia

Edited in 2012

With the spiraling growth of its urban population (30 percent of the population in 2009 compared to 20 percent in 1995) and a pronounced bipolar concentration in the Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City metropolitan areas - Vietnam is challenged by a major trend in Southeast Asia, that of rural exodus and metropolization, leading to sharp development disparities between cities and rural communities and between regions. The emphasis put on analysis of the city sprawl phenomenon during these days of debate made it possible to highlight that the governance issues confronting Vietnam’s big cities now reach considerably beyond their historical limits, spilling over to extended metropolitan areas the contours and economic and spatial dynamics of which are still poorly understood.

Because of our expertise and our common interest on urbanization and periurbanization issues, AFD, IMV and PADDI have joined their resources to support the organization of this international conference with the participation of top-ranking urbanization specialists in Southeast Asia together, including Vietnamese experts and researchers. This book offers valuable information, analysis and operational runways for public policies. It is our hope that it will enable further research on this pivotal theme for the development of the country.

(Extract from "Foreword", p.13)


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