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Urban Planning

Both the Région Île-de-France and the Popular Committee of Hanoi are in charge of urban planning. This has thus been a fruitful area of cooperation between the two partners, with technical assistance provided for zoning and strategic planning, promotion of good practices in sustainable urban planning, and expertise provided to the Popular Committee for the projects it implements. This cooperation allows Hanoi to benefit from the Région Île-de-France’s experience in the planning and management of a large metropolis.

In this period of rapid urban and economic expansion, the IMV’s activities are focused on assisting our Hanoian partners in developing instruments to steer urban development. The Institute works most particularly on heritage protection, promotion of qualitative urban projects and environmental protection in peri-urban areas.

The question of spatial planning and the development of major infrastructures and equipment are topical issues both for the Hanoian metropolis and for the Région Île-de-France (with the “Grand Paris” project). In the Hanoi region, a change of scale in the planning process is currently occurring, with the recent adoption of a Master Plan for the Capital Region of Hanoi (supervised by the Ministry of construction, with expertise from the Hanoi Urban Planning Institute, and the Région Île-de-France). Considering Hanoi’s development in its wider regional context will challenge current urban planning practices. The Région Île-de-France’s experience in this domain could be of help to our partners.

Moreover, in both regions, city inhabitants, institutions and investors are becoming more and preoccupied by environmental considerations. In this context, urban planning remains a strategic area of cooperation. Projects undertaken by the two partners will have to take into account social, economic and environmental aspects.

The IMV has conducted several technical assistance projects, generally by financing expertise missions lead by professionals from the Paris region.

The IMV also conducts its own studies, with a more general scope, on the governance of urban planning in Hanoi, the policies and instruments used for urban management (transportation, waste, housing…) in order to provide materials to professionals and academics working on urban issues.