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Public Transport

Hanoi’s intensive demographic, economic and spatial expansion since the early 1990 resulted in the extensive use of individual transportation means (mopeds, cars). Today, this situation causes serious atmospheric pollution and traffic.  This is the reason is why, since the IMV’s creation, the development of public transportation has been one of its main activities.

The Région Île-de-France’s expertise in public transportation infrastructure and network planning, as well as in regulation and organization, is widely recognized in Hanoi, thanks to the success of several pilot projects that have been conducted over the past years. Numerous projects are currently being implemented, and others are expected to begin in the coming years (metro lines, BRT, bridges…). The continued increase in population and traffic confirmed the need to develop public transportation means, particularly high capacities system such as metro lines. It also emphasizes the need for an integrated and multimodal network. Attention to service quality, user information and the bus network is essential for the success of a public transportation policy in Hanoi.

The development of numerous new projects and the rapid evolution of the public transportation network also call for the reinforcement of transport management institutions. Transport governance and the need for a Public Transport Authority are becoming pressing issues, with the opening of several metro lines in the coming years.